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  1. Services provided via the Website.

a. Newsletters and communications.

b. Download.

c. User support.

2. Copyright / Intellectual Property.

3. Liability.

1. Services provided via the Website

Access to services provided via the Website (“Services”) is, in part, restricted to registered users – i.e., users with a registered Website account – although some Services are open to all Website users. The creation of an account and access to the Website is generally free of charge; however, as described below, certain Services may be subject to payment.

a. Marketing communications

Quattro.zero srl will use personal For marketing, promotional and publicity purposes, including to carry out direct marketing, market research and surveys, via e-mail, through push notifications / pop-up banners, through the Website’s official social media pages, […], regarding upcoming events organised by the Website, as well as events hosted by selected third parties

b. Download

Website users can download Delta Diemaking product material at https://www.deltadiemaking.com/category/download/. None of the information on this website may be copied, distributed, or transmitted in any way for commercial use without the written consent of Quattro.zero srl. For any material downloaded from this website, the source and references must be acknowledged.

c. User support

Any questions concerning Delta Diemaking’s activities in general can be addressed to Delta Diemaking via the General Enquiry Form, available at: https://www.deltadiemaking.com/contact-us.

2. Copyright / Intellectual Property

Users of the Website may download or print copies of any and all materials on the Website for personal use. None of the information on this Website may be copied, distributed or transmitted in any way for commercial use without Quattro.zero srl’s written consent. For any materials downloaded from this Website, source and references must be acknowledged.

3. Liability

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