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How Delta Diemaking Is Innovating Die Cutting

About Die Cutting

Die cutting is a manufacturing process that uses specialized machinery and tooling to transform starting material into custom shapes and designs through cutting, forming and shearing.

Die cutting process is suitable for a wide range of materials as it is highly versatile and customizable.

Currently, this market is valued at USD 1246.6 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.40% by 2030 globally.1

Material Applications

Die cutting process is suitable for a wide range of materials as it is highly versatile and customizable. In particular, it is used in the processing of cardboard and paperboard, foam, plastic, rubber, and fabrics.2

The ability to customize each tool and choose from a variety of material options makes the process ideal for manufacturing tasks in myriad industries.

The main industrial applications focus on converting common materials into useful products.

Die Cutting Processes

There are several types of die cutting processes, including flatbed die cutting, rotary die cutting, and digital die cutting.

The flatbed die cutting process is suitable for processing thicker materials, producing larger parts, and handling small orders or small production runs.

The rotary die-cutting process, on the other hand, is used for applications that require high precision and highly accurate designs, as well as for large production runs.

The digital punching process is suitable for low-shear material processing applications that require fast turnaround times and low costs with high precision.

Each process variant offers advantages in terms of manufacturing applications, but also limitations in terms of material properties, tolerances, production output, costs, etc.3

Flatbed Process

The flatbed die cutting process is capable of processing materials in both sheet and roll form. It can also apply higher punching pressure than other punching processes and can cut through soft and thin materials as well as hard and thick materials.4

The process uses a flatbed stamping press and custom steel scales to convert the material into custom shapes and designs.

The advantages of this particular process that set it apart from others are numerous. These include:

  • Suitability for larger and thicker materials
  • Sharper and crisper cuts
  • Minimal material deformation
  • Small order or short-run production
  • Decreased lead times for multiple parts
  • Lower tooling costs

These advantages make the flatbed die cutter the best process for custom die cutting of paper, fabrics, fibers, paper, plastics, metal and rubber, as well as cutting foam, film, composites and laminates.

Delta Diemaking and Flatbed Process – Easy Sample

We are proud to introduce our new die cutting plotter called Easy Sample, which represents the new generation of flatbed plotters: it is faster, more efficient and more accurate than its predecessor SML 1316 and its competitors, ensuring continuity of production.

Easy Sample is accessible from all sides thanks to its simple structure and has an extremely robust traverse bridge, so it is able to combine accessories for different types of machining.

Some of the most revolutionary features of Easy Sample are the possibility to carry out different types of machining without changing tools, the possibility to choose between pneumatic or electric oscillations as required and the spindle for machining foam and plastics.

In addition, it has an integrated camera to detect pin markers, mylar and everything needed for diemakers and printers.

Easy Sample is ideal for cutting gaskets, rubber, POP, folded and corrugated cardboard, expanded materials that can be machined with a knife or milling machine, laser for marking and Mylar.

An infinite number of configurations make EasySample a configurable plotter for various industries, die makers, printers, automotive manufacturers, leather companies.

Find out more on our Easy Sample and all its advanced features!


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