EASY SAMPLE – A new generation of die cutting machinery: fast, modular and customisable for every need.

Have you ever asked yourself the origin of the process of crafting and printing on paper or cardboard? Well, die-cutting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes.

The process of die cutting has a long history. Indeed, it originated around the mid-1800s from the shoe industry in order to cut leather more efficiently.  

Only in the early 1900s did further innovations allow the cutting of different shapes and sizes. This opened the doors to the mass production of products like plastic, metal, tubing and food items.

Nowadays die cutting machines are extremely versatile and complex and most of all they are digitised. In particular in recent years the use of cutting plotters, or die-cut machines, has become popular for paper and cardboard crafts.

Delta Diemaking

Delta Diemaking originated in 2015 from an innovative idea of several experts in the die-cutting and paper converting industry, as a manufacturing company of CNC die-cutting machines with an international presence.

Delta Diemaking was subsequently acquired by Quattro.Zero srl, a company already present on the market with CNC machinery in the mechanical sector, looking to expand its market share.

Innovation and commitment are the pillars of our corporate philosophy. Our young team has both experience and future-oriented craftsmanship,

What is Easy Sample?

Delta Diemaking is proud to present the new die-making plotter called Easy Sample.

Easy Sample represents the new generation of a flatbed plotter, faster, more efficient, and more accurate than its predecessor, SML 1316.

Easy Sample has a revolutionary and simple design that is accessible from all sides with an extremely robust traverse bridge. Thanks to its innovative design the machine is able to combine accessories for different types of machining.

Some of the most revolutionary features are the possibility to execute different types of operations without having to change tools, the possibility to choose between pneumatic or electric oscillations depending on the needs and the spindle for machining foam and plastic material.

In addition, it has an integrated camera for pin marker recognition, mylar, and all that is needed for diemakers and printing companies.

Indeed, the possibility to execute different types of operations without wasting time in changing tools addresses the main goal of this machine, executing continuous production.

Easy Sample, more than any other die-making plotter, is able to cut most varied materials quickly and reliably, assuring production continuity.

Easy Sample is ideal for cutting gaskets, rubber, POP, folded and corrugated cardboard, expanded materials that can be processed with a blade or milling machine, laser for marking, mylar..

an infinite number of configurations make EasySample a configurable plotter for multiple sectors, diemaker, printing, automotive, leather companies …