LGT 1613 – The evolution of die cutting machines

Die Cutting and CNC

Die cutting resembles the technique of baking cookies with cookie cutters. The material is fed into or through a machine in sheet or strip form, and the die or dies are then lowered using force to cut the part’s shape.

Die cutting machines work with CNC, meaning that a Computer Numerical Control is used to send information to the machine through its incorporated chip. A dedicated software allows you to program the machine and is used to schedule the desired jobs using the respective tools.

LGT 1613

The new LGT from Delta is an outstanding development in the evolution of die cutting machines, as it now comes with new features and performance.

LGT can be used to produce samples, cut rubber, pertinax counter formers, steel plates, female extractors, bas-reliefs and similar.

What is new?

✔️ Thanks to its new frame and a new generation brushless motor, it guarantees a rapid axis speed up to 70mt / min.

✔️ Its high-power spindle (32k rpm or 50k rpm) is able to guarantee a 24/7 production.

✔️ Two sensors (Tool Length PreSetting and Nano Sensor XYZ) guarantee maximum precision on each material.

Thus, LGT suits anyone who wants to prompt ROI on a multifunctional router!

Further Technical Specifications

LGT is not a light machine, its weight may vary from 2800 Kg up to 3700 Kg depending on the different options you may need, together with brushless motors.

It comes with a routing head of 32.000 RPM 7,5 KW and an auto toll changer which can switch to 12 different positions and a tool length for automatic measurement.

In standard configuration can run:

  • Pertinax – the machine calibration and the overall efficiency of the machine double, making it suitable for large orders.
  • Stripping Dies – female stripping, top and bottom side for accurate job and finishing.

LGT routing area may vary accordingly to the following three options or customizable as you desire:

  • 1650 x 1300 MM
  • 2100 x 1300 MM
  • 2500 x 1700 MM

In addition to the basic package, you may want to upgrade your LGT with further options.

This may include:

•    Steel Counter Pack – Counter plates make creases and shaped apertures precisely in line with the die cutting assembly. Our pack includes 50K spindles and mist lubrification which ensures high speed on such counter plates.

•    Embossing Pack – Do you need to engrave? Our embossing pack with our advanced 3D software created exactly for such purpose may be the solution!

•    Rubber Pack – Cutting up to 50 MM, this rubber includes pneumatic tangential axis suitable for ejection rubber and other materials.

•    Sample Making Pack – This includes tangential axis suitable for creasing, mylar or carton.

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