Delta Diemaking is now on LinkedIn

A new era is here for Delta Diemaking’s communication channels.

Delta Diemaking has launched a LinkedIn channel which, together with Instagram (@delta_diemaking) and YouTube (Delta Diemaking), will represent the main channels where you can find out more about Delta Diemaking:

  • LinkedIn is for professionals from the diemaking and die-cutting sector. Follow the page for interesting profession-based updates which you will be able to explore further on the website.
  • Instagram is where stunning photos of Delta Diemaking’s products will be posted so that you can fully appreciate their innovative design.
  • Youtube is where you will find videos of Delta Diemaking machines in action. You will see how they can revolutionise your business.

By following these channels, you will quickly learn about the innovative, customizable, and modular Delta Diemaking machines.

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