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C&T Matrix are UK agent for Delta Diemaking Machines

The Packaging Portal, by Brunton Publications, is a worldwide known source of news in the domain of packaging industry, covering corrugated, folding carton and recycling of fibre-based packaging.

LGT 1613 – The evolution of die cutting machines

Die cutting resembles the technique of baking cookies with cookie cutters. The material is fed into or through a machine in sheet or strip form, and the die or dies are then lowered using force to cut the part’s shape.

How Delta Diemaking Is Innovating Die Cutting

Die cutting is a manufacturing process that uses specialized machinery and tooling to transform starting material into custom shapes and designs

EASY SAMPLE – A new generation of die cutting machinery: fast, modular and customisable for every need.

Have you ever asked yourself the origin of the process of crafting and printing on paper or cardboard? Well, die-cutting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes.