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Quattro.Zero-Delta Diemaking and Golden Rule Technologies at the Odyssey Expo in May 2023

Quattro.Zero-Delta Diemaking and Golden Rule Technologies are eager to announce their participation at the Odyssey Expo on 10-12 May 2023 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – USA. The event promises to be a showcase of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, and these two companies are poised to leave their mark.

Golden Rule Technologies is the new USA agent for Delta Diemaking Machines

Since 2015 Delta Diemaking offers services and produces highly customised CNC machinery in the sector of die-cutting and paper converting industry.

C&T Matrix are UK agent for Delta Diemaking Machines

The Packaging Portal, by Brunton Publications, is a worldwide known source of news in the domain of packaging industry, covering corrugated, folding carton and recycling of fibre-based packaging.

LGT 1613 – The evolution of die cutting machines

Die cutting resembles the technique of baking cookies with cookie cutters. The material is fed into or through a machine in sheet or strip form, and the die or dies are then lowered using force to cut the part’s shape.